Month: July 2018

These factors make for great office design

Getting the balance right in your office environment is tricky. Businesses adapt and grow over the years, and with them, a need for a flexible working space [...]

Quick Fixes for a Broken Window

Spotting a chip or a crack in a window at your home doesn’t have to send you into a tail spin, as there are plenty of ways to temporarily patch it up whilst [...]

Looking after your flat roof. A long term project.

It’s a bit of a misnomer to say that there is such a thing as a flat roof as there really isn’t. All flat roofs have a slight pitch and angle to them so [...]

Social Networks Encourage Social Change

“Social networks lead to significant changes in society. They empower everyday life changes.” When you start the day the women were more formal and [...]

6 Tools and Services for Internet Marketers You Must Try

Internet marketing is at an all-time high now. The industry generates over 20 billion dollars in revenue every year and the growth is exponential. It is also [...]

An introduction to WordPress hosting

For the last 15 years, WordPress has supported almost one-third of the sites on the web. All bloggers love it and it is now recognised as the best content [...]

The Best Guitar Blogs

For all your guitar players and enthusiasts out there, there are some blogs that you should be reading to keep up with all the latest news and reviews. Here [...]

Planning the perfect autumn wedding

Summer used to be the main choice of brides and grooms when selecting a wedding date, but now, many couples are opting for autumnal weddings to make the most [...]

5 more great property photography tips

With so many of us having a camera, and a pretty decent one at that, on our phones, there are photos everywhere now. Of everything. It’s difficult to [...]

Questions and Answers about Upholstery Cleaning

The daily care of the house or office concerns millions of people in State since this is not a routine job anymore, but it is associated with their health and [...]