An introduction to WordPress hosting

For the last 15 years, WordPress has supported almost one-third of the sites on the web. All bloggers love it and it is now recognised as the best content management software out there. It appeals to both the amateur and the professional and offers flexibility and user-friendly interfaces. This makes it popular with first-timers and seasoned professional web designers alike.

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WordPress – the content management system

A content management system (CMS) is a system that is used to upload and manage a website’s content without you having to use – and understand – digital coding. You can do things such as add photos or a whole new page in minutes.

According to the experts at Search Engine Journal, part of the appeal is that WordPress is a very SEO-friendly CMS. This helps you to drive traffic to your site without installing complex software.

Of course, it can’t work on its own. You will need to hire a website design company Gloucester such as to help you find the best web hosting provider for your needs; fortunately, there are plenty of experts to choose from.

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Reasons for WordPress’s popularity

WordPress is especially popular amongst beginners because they can understand what is going on with their own website. It is an excellent way to learn how to use a website to help your business.

It is a fully open source and exceptionally flexible, with a range of plug-ins to serve functions from visual effects to social media sharing buttons.

Shared hosting for WordPress

Most businesses will not need a dedicated server for hosting their website, especially when they are starting out; therefore, a shared hosting package will be their best option. The costs are reduced, and it is all that most bloggers and small businesses need.

On the other hand, if your site receives high levels of traffic, you may find that spikes in visitor numbers overload the server’s capacity. The problem will be compounded by having a lot of plugins and by some themes.

If this applies to you, a dedicated server or VPS may be the best option for you. Glitches in your site’s functionality can cause a lot of damage to your reputation and need to be avoided. A site that repeatedly crashes or is very slow to load will simply put people off.