Questions and Answers about Upholstery Cleaning

The daily care of the house or office concerns millions of people in State since this is not a routine job anymore, but it is associated with their health and environment. Every day we read scientific announcements about new discoveries of harmful microorganisms, which circulate in the atmosphere and the negative effects of chemicals to everyday products. In this context, regular residential upholstery cleaning can keep the members of your family healthy and contribute to the protection of the environment.

How much do detergents affect the environment?

During the last century, people used very strong detergents and various sprays for their personal hygiene without knowing that the packages as well as their content were transferred through water or air to the environment damaging the outdoor atmosphere and polluted the air they breathed. Today, you can find many ecofriendly products in City that don’t contain chemicals or other harmful substances, but still have effective results.

What does diy upholstery cleaning include?

  • Carpet cleaning is one of the most important tasks since carpets concentrate high quantities of dirt and entrap odors that are released in the open air in the form of bacteria, germs and fungi. If you want to prevent the pollution of the indoor air, you must vacuum the carpets frequently and engage on stain removal whenever it’s necessary. Another common problem is the moisture that allow for the growth of mold and, therefore, mold inspection must be done carefully and, if needed, you must proceed with mold remediation & decontamination; otherwise, you might experience allergy symptoms and have respiratory problems. It’s also important to discuss the dangers of a filthy carpet with your family, so that all members must be more careful with their foods and drinks, which are the most common causes of stains that can perpetrate the carpets and eventually damage the fibers.
  • Sofa cleaning and dust removal from all the furniture are also important tasks, but you must keep in mind that the most dangerous dirt is hiding in dark and unseen spots. When you buy new couches, you must try to pick ones with covers that can be removed and thrown in the laundry because couch cleaning will be easier. You can also rent or buy the special carpet cleaners that you find in the market and follow upholstery steam clean procedures for more effective results.
  • Tiles do not absorb the dust and dirt and for this reason are very popular among the people of City. Tile cleaning is easy and, thus, most people emphasize on grout cleaning, which is more time consuming and a rather hard process. If you want to have excellent results, you must hand wash them carefully and scrub them hard. Once they are cleaned, you can apply sealing to protect them from future dirt and dust since grout has the tendency of absorbing moisture, dirt, dust and grease easily.