Quick Fixes for a Broken Window

Spotting a chip or a crack in a window at your home doesn’t have to send you into a tail spin, as there are plenty of ways to temporarily patch it up whilst waiting for a replacement.

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If the chip or crack to your damaged window is letting in damp from the rain and draughts from the wind, your immediate thought might be to replace it. After all, you don’t want your family to be exposed to the elements. A new window can be quite costly, and then you’ve got the added pressure of waiting for the glaziers to come out and fit it, as well as their fees on top. What to do for the best?

Fixing Windows

Creating a quick fix will give you plenty of time to decide whether to invest in a new window. If the crack has been caused by inclement weather or a stone has been kicked into it, then simply apply a layer of clear nail varnish. Keep doing this, layer upon layer, after each one dries and eventually you will have filled the crack or hole, flush to the rest of the glass.

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Alternatively, you could use duct tape, but this will need to be applied to cover the crack or chip on both sides of the glass to make it effective. If the weather isn’t too cold or too hot, then this fix can last you for a while.

If the window has experienced even greater damage such as shattering, then durable heavy-duty rubbish bags can be used to cover the hole. You can also fill open holes with wood. Whichever one of these you decide to do, make sure that you wear the appropriate safety equipment so you don’t cut yourself.

Emergency Glaziers in Leicester

If you don’t want to rely on a quick fix, then you don’t have to. Emergency Glaziers in Leicester are just a phone call away and offer very competitive prices. Contact NandU Emergency Glaziers in Leicester for more information. Did you know that investing in good glazing for your home can ultimately save you money in the long run? Check out https://myglazing.com/top-glazing-tips/ggf-energy-savings-calculator/.

So whether it’s just one or two windows you want to replace or you want to replace the windows and doors in your entire house, always make sure that you choose reputable and trusted glaziers.