The Best Guitar Blogs

For all your guitar players and enthusiasts out there, there are some blogs that you should be reading to keep up with all the latest news and reviews. Here are some of the top blogs right now:

Premier Guitar

This U.S blog is all about the very best that you can buy for your guitar. There is loads of techie information, tips for improving techniques in a wide range of music genres and plenty of DIY tips for your guitar playing. The magazine is also available online to read free of charge. This is the musician’s choice for the latest news. There’s a lot to read too, with around 40 plus posts each week.

Acoustic Guitar

This is an essential blog meeting the needs of acoustic guitar players everywhere. There’s plenty of instruction, advice and inspiration with around 5 new posts every week.

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Reddit – Guitar

This Reddit blog is the perfect place for guitarists to share tips, information and advice about their craft and a wealth of other guitar-related topics. It’s a busy site with approximately 170 posts per week.

Guitar World

This blog is the place to go for lessons, equipment reviews, music videos, band news and so much more. This is also the world’s leading guitar magazine with over 1 million Facebook followers. You’ll discover more than 40 posts per week in this ultimate one-stop shop for everything guitar. When you want to purchase your next instrument, visit Gloucestershire Guitar Shops.


A great place for lessons and plenty of other inspiration for all musicians. There are a huge number of online guitar lessons available, catering to all levels and styles. They post twice a week and have a sizeable social media following.

The Jazz Guitar

This blog comes out of Belgium and features lots of jazz lessons and useful tutorials. The information is quite specific to certain guitar players and types of jazz but for those who play jazz, their 2 posts a week are the must-reads.

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Guitar Habits

A great place for beginners to find helpful lessons, but plenty for intermediate and advanced players too. You’ll find a wealth of information about chords, tabs, scales, fingerstyle, songs and theory. Updated about twice per month, anyone who takes their guitar learning seriously will thoroughly enjoy this blog.

The Music Zoo

Hailing out of New York, the Music Zoo is all about showcasing the best in guitars, amps, basses and all other accessories from across the globe. This brand has been involved in guitars since 1994, being the go-to destination for all New York musicians.


A British blog that covers all news about guitar-related topics, accessories, amps and bass. There’s a new post about once a month and 20,000 plus Facebook followers can’t be wrong!

Guitar Master Class

This is a site that focuses on video lessons, lesson archives and community sharing. There is the ability to ask live questions to instructors and learn from viewing high-resolution video footage. This is a great place to learn, whether you’re into country, acoustic, metal, rock or blues. You’ll also find 2 new posts every week.