Some innovative business models

One of the tasks that any professional business responsibilities should address periodically, whether CEO of a company in the Fortune 100, entrepreneur budding CEO of a newly created startup or CEO of an SME Director is questioning its business model, it says how it intends to operate and obtain money (or social value, in the case of an NGO). This not only [...]

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Losing your Job Due to Misconduct

Losing a job is something that has happened to many of us in our lifetimes, and it is an upsetting and worrying time when this happens. In the last year and a half, as the [...]

Three Native Evergreen Plants to Admire at this Time of The Year

Now that the winter is here, the trees and plants are dying back, and over the winter many of the plants that we admire take a back seat – and this is where we have the [...]

How to deal with conflict in the workplace

All employers want to have a nice harmonious work environment, not only for productivity levels but also for the morale of the employees. There are a number of ways that you [...]

Best ways to pack for a house move

Moving home is an incredibly exciting time but it can be very stressful packing up all your belongings ready to move to your new home. There are a number of things that you [...]

Who was Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was the stage name of Mr Erik Weisz; he was born in the 1830s. He was to become one of the most celebrated escapologists the world has ever known. He was the [...]

What to wear to a dance class?

The answer to this question depends on what type of dancing you’re going to be doing. You’ll want different clothing for ballet than you would for street dancing, for [...]

What Does A Plumber Do?

What tasks does a plumber do? The main task of a plumber is to fix major plumbing problems in the house. The plumbing system includes the pipes, taps, drains, showers, [...]

What social media is there on mobile phones?

We use our mobile phones for so much more than just talking and texting. When the use of the mobile phone became widespread the only things that it could do were the text and [...]

How do mobile phones work?

Mobile technology has transformed the way we live our lives but not many of us could explain how they function. It is estimated that there are more phones in circulation than [...]

Surface treatments reach every part of our lives

When dealing with surface treatments in industry, electroless nickel coating, PTFE coatings and so on are used in so many different applications, from car manufacture to [...]