5 more great property photography tips

With so many of us having a camera, and a pretty decent one at that, on our phones, there are photos everywhere now. Of everything. It’s difficult to remember sometimes that having a camera does not necessarily make someone a photographer. There are things you can do to make your images look more professional though. Read on for some top tips.

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You’ve told yourself, “I’m going to sell my property online in Cheltenham,” and that can be the toughest decision. Once made, it’s time to get your property ready for sale and then show it off at its best.

Taking your own photos can be a big step towards that. They’re the first thing a prospective buyer will see so it’s important to get them right, and we have some tips to get you started.

1. Flash

Light can be difficult inside for photos, so be prepared with a flash, and a second one as back-up and a second light. One works fine for small rooms, but to light a larger space well you will need a second. Otherwise you will need to rely on natural light through doors and windows.

2. Light Stands

In a big space, you need to be able to place lights where you need them, and the easiest way to do that is with a stand. It’s a lot easier than trying to balance on furniture!

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3. Contract

A good estate agent like O Cheltenham https://www.ocheltenham.co.uk/ can sell your property in Cheltenham but taking your own photos can help get you started in the process. If your images are a good, professional standard, you might be able to go beyond your own home. If you take photos for others, draw up a contract so everyone knows where they stand.

4. Have insurance

In the same vein, insurance is vital. If you’re in someone else’s home, you’ll feel much better knowing you’re covered against accidents like breaking something or injury.

5. Editing services

For volume images, or sheer speed, it’s worth considering a photo editing service, which can offer great value to help meet deadlines.

For more ideas on taking great images of your property or anyone else’s, see the suggestions from the Digital Photography School.

Above all, practice is the best way to improve your images, and experimenting with different things.