Some innovative business models

One of the tasks that any professional business responsibilities should address periodically, whether CEO of a company in the Fortune 100, entrepreneur budding CEO of a newly created startup or CEO of an SME Director is questioning its business model, it says how it intends to operate and obtain money (or social value, in the case of an NGO). This not only [...]

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Encouraging participation in meetings

Meetings are often not the favourite workplace pastime and if you have problems getting people engaged and contributing, then you’re not on your own. If your employees are [...]

3 Apps For Addiction Recovery

Addiction is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. There are many substances one can become addicted to, and the combination of biological and [...]

Moving to Uni

Moving into student accommodation is the norm, as most young people choose universities away from their home town. It’s a rite of passage for young people wanting to feel [...]

Using Technology To Build Your Brand

Effective branding is one of the most essential parts to the success of a business, regardless of industry. If you think you can reach your customers with only the quality of [...]

7 Rules Of Essay Writing With Perfection

With the advent of target based advertising digital marketing, essay writing has become quite a rage these days. Not only that, most pioneer schools emphasize on the [...]

Why a locum could be right for your practice

Our hospitals, practices and surgeries are at maximum capacity across the country and any unplanned vacancies or even planned staff absences can cause major challenges and [...]

Microsoft Surface Laptop sells little, but is among the best notebooks

Let's find out the strange case of Surface Laptop, the first real laptop made by Microsoft, after the great success of the 2-in-1 convertible Surface Pro. Since its marketing, [...]

How to Maintain Successful in E-business

So, you’ve established an e-business. You’ve succeeded in this undertaking and now you want to make sure that it is maintained. What are the things you can do then to lead [...]

Was it a discussion, debate or an argument?

The other night my husband and I got into a discussion. Well, I said it was a debate and he said it was an argument, so we agreed to meet in the middle and call it a [...]

Making the most of your conservatory.

During this boiling hot summer there is one rom in the house that you probably should get around to using a lot more if you have one. It’s the conservatory. Its just made [...]