Planning the perfect autumn wedding

Summer used to be the main choice of brides and grooms when selecting a wedding date, but now, many couples are opting for autumnal weddings to make the most of the seasonal bounty.

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The summer months can be busy and expensive for couples, especially those who have already saved for a place of their own, so autumn offers a little more breathing space for the bride and groom-to-be. However, couples should always book the venue well in advance to avoid disappointment. If you have your heart set on an autumnal ceremony, and reception, the advice is to make that date well in advance.

Seasonal reds and golds are popular

According to Wedding Wire, autumn, or fall, is the most popular season to tie the knot in the USA, with around 40 percent of all weddings taking place during these months.

Autumn is the perfect season to utilise these rich reds, golds, oranges and muted yellows and incorporate them into your big day. You can also organise your photographic backdrops with fallen leaves and truly impress on social media. Choosing a venue such as this wedding venue in Gloucestershire with its elegant exterior is crucial to allow your photographer to create picture-perfect moments in the crisp air. You can also view your photographer’s autumnal portfolio online to see what he or she can create for you.

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Make the most of autumnal foliage

And you can incorporate the rich autumnal foliage theme into your wedding invitations by including rustic images. And why not break with tradition and carve out pumpkins for your flower girls to carry down the aisle?

You can continue the red and gold theme indoors, with autumnal centrepieces using rustic branches. It gives the bride and groom a blank canvas to work from, and there are plenty of ideas, from decorating them artistically to adding candles to reflect the cosy mood of the season.

Holding an autumnal wedding is a win-win situation as it allows your catering team to devise a harvest menu using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Think pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes and pomegranates, all of which tick the comfort food boxes. The hearty mains are guaranteed to feed your guests’ souls and keep them satisfied. And don’t forget the hot chocolates and marshmallows to top off the autumnal nuptials.