Notion, an all-in-one workspace for managing notes, tasks, calendars, databases and more

Notion is an application for Windows, Mac, iOS and the web with multiple options so you can organize all your work in one place. In fact that is how they are sold, as an all-in-one work area.

The service is aimed at both individuals and teams and serves to take notes, write documents, organize tasks, create a database, manage projects, and even do spreadsheets, without the need for other software and you can also use it for free .

Synchronization in the cloud, import multiple file formats, connection with third-party services

To start using Notion you need an account, you can use your email, or you can connect to your Google account directly . This is so that the content is synchronized through all the sites where you use the app. If you decide to use Google, it will ask you for access to your contacts.

When you start for the first time they will ask you the type of work that best describes you just to show you the best template for you . They also ask you if you will use Notion personally, to work and if you will be alone or as a team.

You can also create a name and give an individual address to your work area so that anyone can access it from the web whenever you have added your email address to the list of approved emails.

Then they will ask you if you want to import something and here you get an idea of ​​the huge amount of formats supported by Notion to manage files and also third-party services that you can connect.

You can import plain text or Markdown files, .csv spreadsheet files, Word documents, HTML files, and you can connect with your Trello, Asana, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Quip, Evernote and Workflowy accounts .

You can do it at that moment or when you want later.

Templates so you do not start from scratch

When you’re ready to start using Notion you will not have to think too much about where to start, the app leaves you a bunch of different templates that you can use for your own projects and that give you an excellent idea of ​​everything you can do in there . Or, you can get rid of everything and leave Notion blank.

The design of the application despite the huge amount of content you can manage in it, remains minimalist. Writing notes and adding tasks is a pleasure if you like simple things , straight to the point and with a relatively low learning curve.

Notion works without an Internet connection, lets you collaborate in real time and lets you write without distractions. Using a tool as complete as this can be a one-way trip. It’s as if Google Docs, Trello, Evernote and Todoist all had a child .

If you want to try the tool without even having to install anything or create an account, you can try the demo they have on their official website, you just have to navigate to the middle of the page.

You can start using any of the Notion applications individually or with a team of as many members as you want, completely free of charge . The only limit is a storage block of only 1000 items, and the maximum file size you can upload is 5 MB.

For individual use with unlimited storage and no maximum size for the files you upload, the price is $ 4 per month. The teams pay $ 8 per month per member and also have administration tools.