What to Know About Resignation Letters

No matter what your reasons are for leaving your job, there is a right way to resign in a professional manner.

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Leaving with the correct level of decorum and grace illustrates to potential employers that you can manage sensitive situations in a competent way while speaking volumes on your character.

If you are considering leaving your job but do not know how to do so, read this guide on how to form the right formal resignation letter.

What to Include

There is some essential information you must include in your resignation letter, even if you wish to keep it brief. These are:

– The date
– Your name
– Ensure it is addressed to the right person
– The position from which you’re resigning
– When you wish your resignation to take effect
– Your signature

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The Reasons

According to research, most people leave their jobs because they do not like their manager or do not find the work enjoyable.

You are not obliged to include the reasons for your resignation, but if you think it may be constructive, they could be worth mentioning.

However, try to focus on the positives. Possible reasons for your resignation could include: “I am seeking a new challenge”, “I am moving to a new position” or “There are limited opportunities here for progression”.

Ensure that your resignation letter does not become a tirade launched at your current employer, no matter how you feel. You should remain as objective and professional as possible.

If you are searching for an appropriate outlet to voice any grievances, contact the company’s HR department or raise these issues in your exit interview rather than the notice letter.

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The Right Tone

If the relationship with your employer has deteriorated by the time you resign, be cautious of your tone when handing in your resignation and do not come across as too blunt.

Although it’s not mandatory, offering your present employer your best wishes and thanking them for the opportunities you have been given is a positive way to demonstrate that you can be polite and gracious under any circumstance.

Aside from a resignation being a formal way to end a job, it is also a great way to exit the company as stress-free and simply as possible.