What are the housing choices for the elderly?

If you are nearing retirement age or have just decided to cut back on your working hours then where and how you live is a very important question.  Many couples and individuals choose to stay in their own homes and just adapt them to suit any disabilities or needs.  If you decide you want to sell your home and access the money from the sale then you have to think about where to go next.  Sheltered accommodation, assisted living, and Park homes are just some of the options to consider.

If you chose to stay in your home and adapt it to suit your needs now and in your future then making a few simple changes could be all you need to do.  There is plenty of specialist equipment you can either buy or obtain from different agencies.  A stair lift, (if you live in a house), a walk-in shower rather than a bath, grab rails around the home, a walking trolley aid, a long-handled grabber and chair raisers.  These are just some of the specialist pieces of equipment you can obtain to help adapt your home.  You can also access the medical alert programme called “Life Line” this gives you twenty-four-hour peace of mind.  That if you were to fall over or become poorly you can just press the pendant around your neck and help will come.

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If you decide that sheltered housing is the option for you then think about whether you want to rent this type of property or buy it. This style of living is for those people who are still wanting to be independent but need some support.  It is usually aimed at individuals or couples over the age of 55 and some of the more common bonuses are, having a Warden on site, some communal areas, social activities and twenty-four-hour emergency help through an alarm system.  You would not normally get extra help with meals or home care assistance but you can still arrange for this privately if necessary.

The Assisted living option still allows for independence but provides a great deal more care, such as meals and personal care.  You would still live in your own apartment with your own access but staff would be available to help all the time.  The age restrictions are usually fifty-five and over but quite importantly this style of accommodation is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the facilities are inspected regularly.

Park homes are more for older but independent people or couples, thousands of people are enjoying the security, peace of mind and lovely living environments that these homes offer. There are thousands of sites around the Country so the choices are limitless, Bedfordshire Park Homes for sale is just one of the places to consider. Check out different websites such as www.parkhomelife.com/ and swop urban living for a more rural way of life. Park homes are a cost-effective solution and look just as attractive as a traditionally built property. They offer a permanent living environment on a licensed park.