What Skills Should Aspiring Lawyers be Displaying

Deciding on  career can be difficult, at a young age, the idea of visualizing what you will be doing as a profession can change almost monthly and despite it being a tricky choice, it is important that you make one. The best way to look at this is to learn all that you can about various careers and work it whether you have the skills and characteristics required to work in such a profession. One career that many of us grow up wanting to do is that of a lawyer, taking center stage in court, winning argument and helping give those accused strong legal representation. The life of a lawyer is busy but rewarding, financially it can pay very well particularly if you can follow in the footsteps of people like Jonathan Bunge, who worked his way up the ranks and is now one of Chicago’s best lawyers and a partner at his firm. To become a lawyer and do well in that career, here are some skills that you should already be displaying.

The Ability to Form a Strong Argument

One of the key roles that  lawyer has is the ability to see all sides of an argument and be able to make a strong case to persuade the jury that your argument is the one that they should agree with. You should be able to argue against your own point, this way you can have an understanding of how the opposition will argue. Whether it be in your studies or your daily life, the ability to see different arguments and make the most compelling case is a skill that you need to have if you wish to be a lawyer.

Absorbing Information

In your role as both a law student and a lawyer you will be required to take in huge amounts of information and be able to pick out the key points and remember them. When it comes to working on a case you will not only need to know it inside out but you are going to need to do plenty of reading on other historical cases that can help you with the current one. You need to be a good reader and have an eye for important information, you don’t have time to read and re-read so strong reading and information absorbing skills are required.

Working as a Team

Contrary to what you may have seen on the television, being  a lawyer is about working as part of a strong legal team, you will need to adopt different roles within the team setting and be able to converse and listen to many people of different levels. No case is won alone and there are many different tasks that are performed by members within the team which will work towards winning your team’s argument. Working in a law team can be a high pressure environment and you need to have a temperament that lends itself to keeping calm for the sake of the team and the case.