Return to Campus with a Decaled iPhone 7 Plus

September may be the first month back to school, but it’s also the month of Apple’s long-awaited and somewhat fabled release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Luckily, there’s nothing mythical about its September 16th release, and you’re glad you held out as long as you did to upgrade you phone. Initial reviews of the 7 Plus are favorable, and it’s earning top marks for ITS front- and back-facing cameras, an extended battery life, and haptic home button. Apple has improved an already superior design, and as soon as it arrives in your hands, you know you have to protect it. Scratching, scuffing, or outright shattering your latest iPhone is disheartening, especially after you’ve bragged to your classmates about your new smartphone. If you want to keep your reputation intact — just like your phone — you’re going to have to apply a high quality decal to your smartphone.

There are a variety of iPhone 7 Plus decals out on the market, but not all of them have the right to be wrapped around your smartphone. Some are made from inferior materials and cut without precision, allowing for a loose fit that won’t protect your phone from the dangers of campus. In fact, since the 7 Plus is such a recent release, there are many eager companies that have released decals as soon as the date of its debut was publicized — taking no time at all to refine their designs. In order to have the quickest campaign of iPhone 7 Plus decals to hit the market, they sacrifice on quality.

That’s why it’s important to search out decals made by companies who have taken the time to study Apple’s blueprints to create a form-fitting cover that delivers on protection. You can determine whether or not a company is capable of this precision by looking at their history. If they have a record of providing tailor-made decals or skins for devices that match the dimensions within a micro-millimeter like dbrand, then you can trust that their iPhone 7 Plus skins will fit properly.

Companies celebrated for their accuracy usually use a sturdy and durable 3M vinyl as their material. 3M vinyl is a unique material that comes with many added benefits beyond defending against scratches and nicks. Its texturized surface is grime-resistant, so you won’t see any evidence of your oily fingerprints on the backing. It also gives your fingers something to hold onto, decreasing the chances accidentally dropping the Plus and permanently damaging it.

While checking out the selection, you’ll notice there’s a convenient skin-building interface located online. This app gives you the chance to see your creation in real life, applied to the iPhone 7 Plus, so you’re never wondering how your choice of color or texture will look. It’s perfect for those daring designers who want to mix and match colors and finishes to create the most unique decal possible.

Going back to school after a long summer can be a difficult transition. It can be tough juggling the responsibilities of the brand new semester, but it’s a little easier when you have the 7 Plus in your hands. Make sure it stays there by applying a custom-made, precision cut iPhone 7 Plus skin. It’s the only way to ensure your ultra-cool phone lasts all year round.