Using your essential oils safely

Essential Oils like the ones you can purchase from are highly concentrated natural compounds that are extracted and distilled from a variety of natural sources such as plants. Although they are in fact natural substances there are a number of safety measures that you should always take into account when using these oils. Speaking to a qualified aromatherapist is always the best starting place.

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Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Don’t look at the cost – when looking to buy essential oils you should be prepared to spend a little bit more money to ensure that the oil you are purchasing are of a therapeutic grade. This will help you to locate oils that are from natural sources and not those that have been created chemically in a lab somewhere. Undertaking some research into the brand you are looking at is a great thing to do so that you can find out more about the ways in which they harvest and produce their oils.
  • If you a have any kind of reaction to an essential oil you should avoid using it completely and not be tempted to try diluting it with water or a carrier oil or lotion as the reaction will still occur. If your reaction is severe you should seek immediate medical attention.
  • Never use essential oils in your eyes, ears or on an open wound and if you are using them to inhale you should ensure that you always close your eyes before breathing in the vapours. If you are looking for oils that can be ingested, you should always look out for the GRAS label and a supplement fact sheet and should only ever do this under the supervision of a qualified professional.

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  • If you have sensitive skin or are looking to use the oils on children, you should always dilute them with a carrier oil. This can be any oil of your choosing from vegetable oil, olive oil and coconut oil. It is always best when starting out with a new oil to use less of it than you would normal do and you can then always add more in future applications. You will often find that massage therapists and reflexologists will use essential oils in their treatment packages.
  • Pregnant women, those that are breast feeding and anyone with an underlying health condition should always speak to their GP before they embark on using an essential oil, no matter how safe you think these may be.