The incredible world of our canine friends.

A dog really can be man’s best friend and making sure that they are occupied and happy whilst you are away at work can seem like a dauting task, especially if you find that their behaviour changes when you aren’t with them. This is why using a Dog Day Care Surrey company like is a good idea. You can ensure that you dog is kept stimulated and active whilst being in a caring environment with staff members know all there is to know about dogs.

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Dogs are amazing animals and there are many well known facts about them, but did you know that there are also some less known, but equally amazing facts? Here are some for you to enjoy.

  • Music that dogs can also enjoy. The much-loved Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ contains a sound frequency that can only be picked up by dogs. This was confirmed by McCartney himself in 2013. So, next time you are listening to this hit, watch your dog and see how they react.
  • Dogs noses are incredibly sensitive, and it has long been known that they have an incredible sense of smell. Their noses are wet to help them to take on board the chemicals that are found in scents and increases their absorption. When your dog then licks their nose, they are able to use their taste buds and well as their noses to distinguish what the smell is.
  • When the Titanic sank there were three dogs included in the survivors. It is no surprise that all of these were the pets of people who were travelling in first class. One such dog was a Pomeranian puppy. Their owner carried them wrapped in a blanket which made it look like the lady was in fact carrying a baby.
  • Bloodhounds have an incredible sense of smell and this trusted so deeply that there have been occasions where this has been used as evidence in law. They can pick up scents that are over 300 hours old and they can maintain their focus and follow a trail for well over 130 miles.
  • Great Dane’s are large dogs and one in particular holds the Guiness World Record for bring the tallest dog ever recorded at around 44 inches high. Quite aptly his name was Zeus!

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  • Greyhounds are known for their ability to run and in some studies, they have found that a greyhound could actually out run a cheetah over a long distance. They can maintain their speed of 35 mph for around 7 miles, compared to cheetahs who can only sustain their incredible speed for around 300 yards.