Tips of the trade for hanging art like a professional

There is nothing better than having your most cherished art and photographs hanging around your house to bring you joy every day. With these tips, you will be able to hang your art like a professional to allow your pictures to look their best.

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Whether you are hanging precious paintings, prints from a landscape photographer or even your child’s school photo, to do the job properly you need the correct tools. You need to ensure precious pictures are secure, so as well as a tape measure and pencil for measuring, you will need the correct fittings, plus a hammer or screwdriver. Light frames need small nails, medium weights require picture hooks and heavyweight frames will need wall plug anchors and screws.

How high?

To be admired properly pictures should to be hung at eye level, around 1.55m high. You will need to ensure the middle of the picture is at 1.55m. This is the height that museums and galleries hang their art at and by sticking to this rule, you will not need to stand back and wonder if a picture is low enough or high enough again.

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Where on the wall?

Singular pictures should be hung in the middle of a wall, find the correct height then measure to find the middle of the wall to find the perfect spot. If you have a stunning shot from a landscape photographer, for example, it would benefit from being given its own space so it can really stand out.

Grouping photos

A collection of pictures grouped together can look impressive. You could hang one focal piece and add pictures around it as and when you choose so the layout appears random. Alternatively, structured layouts of groups or rows look modern and striking.


A picture shelf can be a great addition to a room. Simply lean your choice of frames on the shelf to create a modern look which is perfect to update or change at any time. Here you can create a mix of mediums from family snapshots, canvases to panoramic shots from a landscape photographer.


Whichever layout you choose, on a shelf or the wall, think about the style of frames. Unstructured groupings look great with a variety of frames whereas structured collections benefit from matching or coordinated frames.