The Different Equipment Used During Transcription

A career in transcription entails converting recorded audio into typed text. The audio files can be in a variety of formats ranging from the traditional tape recorders to more modern formats such as mp3 and WAV. Transcription work comes in a variety of types including business, medical, and legal. A competent transcriptionist should possess adequate knowledge on the subject being converted as well as be able to comfortably work with any type of audio file. Aside from having good listening skills, fast typing speed, and the ability to properly follow instructions, a transcriptionist should have the right equipment. For any type of transcription work to be done well, a transcriptionist must have the following equipment.


The most essential piece of transcription equipment is a computer. However it is not enough to just have a plain computer, but rather it must be one with high speed internet connectivity. This is because most transcription work is done over the internet. It is very rare to find a transcriptionist who physically avails himself/herself at the client’s location. In most cases the client sends the audio files over the internet and the transcriptionist sends the completed converted text back to the client via email. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted going back and forth as well as allows the transcriptionist to cater to clients who are miles away. In addition, the computer is considered the most important transcription equipment because some of the other equipment require a computer in order to function.

Good Quality Headphones

When transcriptionists are performing their duties they need to hear the audio clearly so as to be able to accurately convert it into text. Headphones are a great help as they allow the transcriptionist to hear more clearly. The best headphones to use are ones with a noise canceling feature. Many transcriptionists love these types of headphones as they reduce background noise and sound distortion. To further enhance the quality of headphones, transcriptionists can use amplifiers. Headphone amplifiers come in a variety of types and they allow for higher possible volumes and better sound quality. Another important thing for transcriptionists to consider is the comfort that the headphones provide. Since the headphones will be on the head for long periods, so it is better if they are lightweight and not too tight.

Transcription Software

In transcription, being as efficient as possible enables one to land more jobs thus get more money. There are a variety of transcription software that transcriptionists can use to boost their efficiency. Normally, transcription software is installed in a computer and then synchronized with the headphones and the foot pedal. The software enables the opening of audio files as well as helps in producing the highest quality text documents.

Foot Pedal

A foot pedal is a type of transcription equipment that is used to pause, rewind, and fast forward audio files. After plugging the device into the computer, you place it underneath your feet. A foot pedal also allows transcriptionists to listen to the audio files without having to take their hands away from typing.