5 Reasons For Cleaning Your Draperies

When it comes to cleaning the house, people always remember to mop the floors and vacuum the carpets, but what tends to get forgotten are the drapes hanging around the windows. Drapes, whether being used for practical purposes such as blocking out the sun or decorative reasons, need to be deep cleaned at least every 3 to 5 years, with seasonal light cleaning in between. Engaging in draperies cleaning isn’t something that is just done for the fun of it. There are actual reasons you should clean your drapers. The following are five of the most common reasons for cleaning drapes.

Remove Dirt and Dust

Removing dirt and dust to keep the room clean is probably one of the most common reasons for regularly engaging in draperies cleaning. Over time, dirt and dust will start to accumulate on your drapes. Regularly cleaning your drapes allows you to remove the dirt and dust from the drapes and give your room a fresh, clean feeling.

Prolong the Lifespan of the Drapes

Drapes are only estimated to last approximately 7 years or so the manufacturers of the drapes will have you believe. However, with proper maintenance, such as regular dusting and routine cleanings, the drapes can last longer. Dirty drapes, which have dust, dirt and allergens, actually attract the sun’s rays through the window. This speeds up the deterioration process and results in people needing to completely replace their drapes on a regular basis. Regular cleaning of the drapes can prolong the lifespan of the drapes, which saves you money. In fact, drapes can last 15 to 20 years with regular cleanings. That is almost twice the estimated lifespan given from the manufacturer.

Help Improve Air Quality for Those with Allergies

Drapes are almost like a magnet for allergens. Dirt, dust, pet dander, smoke, and other allergens can become trapped in the fabric and make those who suffer from allergies miserable.

Cleaning drapes can help remove those allergens that have become embedded in the fabric of the drapes. Once the allergens are removed, the air quality is improved and everyone – including those with allergies – can breathe better.

Brighten Up the Appearance of the Drapes

Prolonged exposure to dirt and dust can alter the appearance of your drapes. Those once bright and beautiful drapes will start to appear dull and dirty looking, which can be extremely distressing for people who have incorporated their drapes into the décor of the room. A single cleaning of the drapes can brighten up their appearance. Cleaning will remove the dirt and dust, which will brighten up the coloring of the fabric and restore the drapes to their former glory.

Protect the Integrity of the Drapes

Drapes, although decorative, are designed to prevent furniture and other items in a room/home from being exposed to direct sunlight. Dirty drapes will become weak and filled with holes, which prevents them from shielding furniture items from sunlight. Cleaning drapes will prevent the fabric from weakening, which minimizes the chances that holes will start forming. Drapes without holes will protect and prolong the lifespan of your furniture and other items in a room from direct sunlight.

Don’t allow your drapes to become a forgotten household chore. These five reasons show you exactly why cleaning drapes should become a regular part of your routine household cleaning.