Looking after your beautiful lawn

We have reached the time of year when our gardens start to look very sorry for themselves. WIth flowers dropping and leaves blowing across the garden you can be forgiven for falling out of love with your garden for a bit. If you are struggling with the upkeep of your garden or commercial grounds it is worth looking at Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire company http://gloucestershiregroundsmaintenance.co.uk/services/grounds-maintenance/ who can help out with a variety of tasks.

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One of the most difficult decisions to make this time of year is whether to cut your lawn or not. Grass is a hardy plant but we all seem to be scared to make a wrong move with our lawn and damage it forever.

Here is a good plan to follow to keep your lawn luscious and healthy all year round.

During the early months of the year when frost is still a possibility it is a good idea to keep the walking on the grass to a minimum. This is because if the ground is damp and you continually walk on the grass you can cause pooling of the water and also the blades of grass are more delicate at this time of year and bruising can occur which is great news for frost. Once frost seeps into a bruised blade of grass you will find that this patch of grass turns a brown colour. This is not permanent damage and you can rectify any issues in the warmer spring weather.

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Once the weather improves it is time to take a closer look at the health and quality of your grass, you may find that over the winter months moss patches have appeared. Spring is the time to remove these and prepare any areas that you may need to seed. When using a weed killer to remove moss patches it is important to make sure that you don’t use a generic or all-round weed killer as you will also kill off your grass. You must look for a selective weed killer that will leave your grass untouched.

During the spring and summer months you can start to treat your lawn and add any nutrients to it, along with raking and aerating the lawn. This is achieved by making small holes across the whole lawn area. Once the ground has warmed up you can also set about seeding any areas that have become patchy or where you may have removed moss.