Different ways to take advantage of your garage space

Gone are the days when the garage was the home of the car. Now, with garages seemingly getting smaller, or is it that family cars are getting bigger, the garage is another room which you can take advantage of.

Whilst many people have their dreams when it comes to what they would want to sue that space for, some of the most common changes are listed below:


This is one of the most desired and common uses of a garage. By changing the floor and insulating the walls, you can easily turn a large space into somewhere where you children, or perhaps yourself if you are a gaming adult, can relax with friends and play. The face that it still feels like playing outside is a psychological thing. The realism that you are able to stay dry whilst playing in the garage adds to the appeal.


Along with a playroom, a bedroom is also another way in which many families are taking advantage of the space. When the housing crisis hit the UK, many people could not afford to move homes into a larger space, however, if their families were getting bigger and they needed the room, converting the garage into a bedroom provided a great option. Now you have homes all over the UK which from the outside might look like a 2 or 3 bed house but when inside have extra spaces. Should the garage been quite large, you might even be able to add in an extra bathroom as well transforming the home further.

Work Space

Another thing that many homeowners have done with their garage is turn it in to a home office or study area. This can be perfect should you have to work from home a bit, or if your children want to have a space to study away from their bedroom. Furthermore, for the resale value, a home office might be much more in demand than a garage for storage, so should you be working out how to convert your garage this might be a great option.

The dream home gym

For the fitness fanatic or someone who is looking to shed a few pounds, this could be the perfect way to prevent this issue of going to a gym. When you have to drive there or take kit it is always too easy to forget. However, when it’s in your own home, you can eliminate the excuses. You also know that you won’t get any ‘gym freaks’ pestering you should you be on your own, at your own leisure.

So there you have it, some of the most common and interesting ways to convert your garage. Other ideas people have had include home cinema, theatre, pubs and much much more. Whatever you decide to do with your concrete garage conversion, you should always seek some professional advice prior just to make sure everything will be ok. Converting your garage could help give you the space and lifestyle of home living you require.