How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

Familiarising yourself with an overview of how much you can expect to pay during your website build is a valuable process that will save you time and money. A website build brings together different elements such as design and development, content and images, e-commerce functionality, mobile optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, domain name and hosting. You need to have an idea of how you want your website to function. For example a Double Glazing Swindon company such as may want to showcase their work rather than sell items directly online. First, you need to decide what type of website you are building.


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Cheap Options

The market is saturated with cheap website deals. Often these deals have no flexibility or meaningful functionality such as website maintenance. The best way to look at your website build costs is in terms of what they will yield: what will be the return on your investment?

Basic Website

A basic website highlights your business offering and responds to enquiries. Approach a freelance web designer with a little experience, working to a fixed fee or hourly rate. Make sure you review their portfolio. Overseas designers’ fees start from £5 to £20 per hour. Your costs will also include hosting and domain names. Overall, for a basic website you can expect to pay £400-£800.

Advanced Websites

Advanced websites have a bit more functionality, such as e-commerce, and are more flexible than a basic website. Make sure you create a clear brief, as quotes for advanced websites vary greatly. Advanced websites require more technical ability, so make sure you do your research before reviewing quotes. A small-business advanced website usually costs £1,000-£4,000.


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Specific Functionality

If your website requires specific functionality, you will need a skilled website programmer. Agree costs at the start of the process so they don’t mount up in the background. These costs are best arranged as ongoing. Talking to local experts can help you narrow the field. You can expect to pay £2,000-£7,000 for a small-business website with specific functionality.

E-Commerce Websites

If your website requires an online shop, then you will need a website designer with solid experience with e-commerce. It’s important for you to do your own research into current e-commerce trends. To establish and launch your online shop, you can expect to pay £300-£2,000.

Identifying the type of website you want to build and launch will save you time and money in the long term.