Wedding dress options for a Victoriana theme

Victorian weddings might have originated in the 19th century, but they never go out of style and are still popular today. This popularity stems from the sheer romance and refinement of such celebrations; the Victorians were fond of fairy tales and beautiful feminine fashions, and these predilections are blatantly evident in their wedding dresses.


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If you have decided that a Victorian-themed wedding is definitely for you and you’re searching for beautiful wedding dress designs to fit in with your Victoriana-themed wedding, there are a number of options to consider.

What characterises a Victorian wedding dress?

Victorian wedding dresses, which date from the period of Queen Victoria’s reign, are renowned for their aura of understated romance. In fact, it was Queen Victoria herself who pioneered the white wedding dress that we don to this day. The dresses made during this era utilised such ultra-feminine materials as pearl-encrusted laces and satins, often adorned with bow details, and were carefully designed to accentuate the sought-after hourglass shape of a woman’s body. They achieved this with the use of cinched-in waists that were achieved by corsets and fitted bodices, from which the skirts flared out over wedding-cake layers of hoop skirts and crinoline petticoats.

Where and what to buy

It is delightfully easy to find Victorian wedding dresses for sale, particularly on the internet. The dresses come in an impressive range of styles, including simpler off-the-shoulder designs or princess-like dresses with trumpet sleeves and intricate embroidery. The fabrics you can choose from include taffeta, tulle, organza and embroidered lace. To enhance your dress, opt for period accessories such as beautiful white elbow-length gloves, silk stockings and brocade shoes.

While some brides might want to go to an official wedding dress shop or site, brides on a budget are sure to find a gorgeous gown on sites such as Etsy, where you can view dozens of Victorian-style wedding dresses on sale for a wide range of prices. This is an ideal option for brides who want a beautiful dress for their wedding without breaking the bank! One other way to save is to get a portable bar like that from Barlok

Once you decide on a style you like and track down your dream dress, you can focus on putting all the other touches in place for your Victoriana-themed wedding!