The top benefits of having a great heating system

More and more people are choosing multi fuel stoves for their home, as they recognise the many benefits that this type of heating system can bring.  Here are just a few of the many plus points.


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Flexible heating system

The beauty of a multi fuel stove is that you can use a variety of fuels such as wood, coal or smokeless fuel. According to Which?, you should consider what sort of fuel you are going to use, and what you can source readily, and use that information to plan your purchase.


If you live in an area without access to gas, a multi fuel stove is a really convenient heating option. Even better, you don’t need to worry about losing heat in the event of a power failure. If the area you live in is a smoke-free zone, using smokeless fuels in your stove ensures you remain compliant.


Many people appreciate the efficiency benefits of a multi fuel stove, enabling you to heat a room and surrounding space at a high temperature for a long period of time. Fuels are also not subjected to inflated prices, making it a very economical heating choice. To take advantage of these benefits, consider Defra approved multi fuel wood burning stoves from reputable suppliers.

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Easy to use

Multi fuel stoves are made for easy use. They come with a grate for coal or wood to sit on, and a riddling plate to remove ash. Air vents allow you to control the air circulation, depending on the fuel you use. The design of modern stoves makes it quick and easy to clean them, while enabling safe and efficient combustion of fuels.

Condensation reduction

Studies have shown that multi fuel stoves are efficient at reducing condensation and mould in the home, while air being pulled through the chimney helps aid ventilation. They also offer a more consistent level of heating, so there are no sudden temperature changes. These benefits can be useful for those with respiratory health problems.

Aesthetic benefits

Putting the many practical benefits aside, many people opt for multi fuel stoves simply because they look beautiful. They offer all the eye-pleasing benefits of having a real fire, without any of the associated hassles. When situated in any room, they create a cosy and welcoming focal point.

Other heating

Even with all these possibilities companies around the world and even the government will say you need more heating around the rest of the house as you can survive on one heater. 

If you are buying a stove becuase your hating is faulty then simply get in touch with a Boiler Service Essex company and this will quite happily keep the rooms upstairs at a cosy heat.