Great ideas for styling your maxi dress

Although it sounds like it should not match, trainers with a maxi dress look effortless and have become a classic look. If you want to wear a maxi dress effortlessly without getting out your high heels, then this is the perfect look for you. Here are some other styling ideas.

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Denim jacket

Maxi dresses are commonly worn in the summer, but what can you do on those breezy days? Pair a classic maxi dress with a denim jacket! This look has many positives to it, including making older ladies look youthful and fresh. Moreover, denim jackets are neutral in colour, so they look good with all skin tones. The inclusion of a denim jacket also gives the illusion of long legs.

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Maxi dresses tend to be a looser fitting, which means smaller frames can look swamped. To counteract this, use a belt to accentuate your small waist. At the same time, a belt with a maxi dress on a larger frame can highlight the waist and give the appearance of it being smaller. If belts are not for you, choose a maxi dress with a slit instead to accentuate your waist and legs.

High heels

An easy way to look taller is by pairing your dress with high heels. These dresses are cut longer, so they will cover your heels and give the illusion of natural height.

Leather jacket

If you want to look both chic and sexy, wear a maxi with a leather jacket. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, be creative with your makeup, too!

Beach maxi dress

These are a staple in the summer. These dresses are manufactured from lightweight material, which is perfect when you are in the hot weather. Visit for some lovely dresses.

Asymmetrical dresses

Those who don’t like to hide their legs completely can opt for an asymmetrical dress, with the front being short and the back long. Visit for other great ideas.


A bold print can bring any outfit to life. A unique print will make your dress stand out from the crowd.


What you chose will depend on your style and the occasion you are attending. If your dress has a standout neckline, opt for a gorgeous necklace. Accessories can be neutral or bold depending on what you feel comfortable wearing.