Go Retro

If you’re a big fan of the rustic look then you might want to consider turning your bathroom is a vintage haven. This can be a really fun project and bring out your creative side. Here are some ideas for having your own vintage inspired bathroom:

Whether your house is modern or very old, a vintage tub will look amazing. If your property is very old then this is also a great way of modernising but keeping the feel of heritage about your property. Cast Iron Baths will add a lovely touch of decadence and nostalgia to your bathroom and will add an authentic farmhouse character. Wilsons Yard cast Iron baths offer a wide range to suit your needs.

A rustic bathroom look will be inherently simple. Elegant toile fabrics could be included and blues, beiges and greens. Do away with mirrored cabinets and find a vintage armoire or shabby chic free standing cabinet to give your room an old world charm. Another great thing about dressers and cabinets in the bathroom as not are they fabulous for storage but can also be repurposed and repositioned whenever necessary.

Adding a toile skirt around the bottom of the sink is another easy way to bring vintage charm and a good way to stash away any clutter that you don’t want on show. Other little touches include an old oxidised faucet with old fashioned handles, a gilded mirror frame and small jam jars filled with flowers.

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Adding shelving is a further idea for rustic charm and it can be filled with attractive bottles and toiletries or small bowls and jugs to give it a real farmhouse feel. If you’re feeling very creative then you can make a old fashioned shaving table. An old shaving bowl can be set into a small table to form a sink with the plumbing hidden by a table skirt from linen. If you’re salvaging vintage pieces then the original beauty can be enhanced by adding little modern touches, for example, old faucets can be spruced up by adding porcelain knobs. Vintage mirrors can also be picked in many second hand and vintage stores or even by looking on eBay.

Don’t forget to treat the windows too. Draping a cotton scarf and tea towel over a curtain pole makes for an informal and retro style look. Patchwork tiling also adds colour, pattern and texture if you want a room with a bit more pazazz. A bit like a patchwork quilt, sample tiles and reduced tiles were patched together to make a cheaper but no less impressive custom bathroom décor.

Natural wood, rugged plaster walls and antique furnishings will go a long way to giving you the rustic bathroom of your dreams. Make sure to make the most of your light sources to for a room that is radiant in natural light. A stained glass window is a gorgeous addition, offering both heritage and privacy. This will look stunning with a cast iron bath beneath it and will leave your guests unwilling to leave!