Top interior trends for winter 2016-17

As the weather gets colder, many people decide to make their homes cosier and more inviting. Many summer trends are now out of date and it feels wonderful to walk into a beautiful, welcoming house when the weather is bitterly cold.

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If you want to change your home to suit the coldest season, there are lots of styles from which to choose. From tartan checks to neutral shades of grey, here are four of the top interior trends for winter 2016-17.

Neutral greys

Many people think grey is a cold shade; however, there are neutral greys that can warm a room. You can add fawn greys to your room with fluffy cushions and rugs, while grey candles and branches can add a sparkly effect to the living room or bedroom. Many interior designers are going a step further and painting walls in shades of light mushroom grey, pearl grey and wood ash grey. As the colours are light and warm, they make rooms look spacious and cosy.

A vintage theme

Vintage themes are very on trend this winter. Vintage globes, books, bottles, suitcases, tables and chairs are extremely popular and all add a classic, striking look to any room in the house. You can give a modern room a vintage edge by investing in a beautiful vintage ornament or chaise longue.

There are lots of benefits to a vintage trend; for example, a traditional vintage décor will make your home look beautiful in a timeless way that won’t go out of style and can even make your home easier to sell.

Traditional tartan

If you find yourself wondering “how to decorate my bedroom?”, the answer is tartan. The traditional style is cosy, comforting and inviting, and there are lots of ways to add tartan to your room; for example, you can invest in a snuggly tartan throw for the bottom of your bed or buy tartan lamps, candles or photo frames for a more subtle effect.

If you have decided to redecorate your bedroom, you can check out websites such as for tips and inspiration.

A bold bath

Boldly-coloured free-standing baths are in trend this winter and they are a great way to add a dramatic edge to your bathroom. Popular colours include navy, pink, grey, light green and pastel shades.