Marketing Made Easy

If you are having trouble increasing your access to customers, there is a great new tool available for your business. Rather than paying marketers to get your name out there, you can access a huge number of consumers for free. You do not need to get billboard space. No need to contact a radio for a radio spot. You do not even need to sponsor magazines and newspapers.

Groupon, the same company that brings you thousands of discounts from hundreds of companies, is now offering a free business directory. You might hesitate, wondering just how much traffic a business directory can generate. Well, read on and you will hesitate no more.

Groupon is offering an incredible service to customers looking to try a new place to eat. For the customer, it can seem like a bit of a risk when they come in to your restaurant for the first time. To assuage their fears, Groupon provides them with as much information as possible. This helps convince the customer that they are making the right decision in eating with you.

You provide Groupon your location, operating hours, contact information, and a full menu. Groupon will list you, place you on the map, and get you traffic. If you would like to offer any discounts or coupons through Groupon, you can do that as well. Customers are also able to review your service and food, which if you are doing everything right, is only going to boost your business. Lastly, Groupon lists nearby businesses that complement yours- if your customers are looking for the total package evening without having to move the car after a few drinks, Groupon is going to help convince them that they’ve come to the right place. By seeing everything your neighborhood has to offer, customers will realize that your place really is worth giving a try.

Once Groupon has gotten the customer to come in, it is your job to keep them coming back.