Are You Making These Website Mistakes?

Web designers and brand developers often find that businesses are failing to make the most of online opportunities. Many have spent a lot of money on setting up a perfectly respectable website, but their failure to pay attention to detail is costing them dear.

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Here are some common website mistakes that you may have overlooked but which are easy to rectify.

Your Website Has No Potential to Grow

The problem with some DIY web-building services is that they are generic and are not designed just for you. There is seldom room in the design for future growth.

This means that when you want to add a storefront for selling a product or a service or you need to link to another website or add other purchase options, it is not possible.

It can be very expensive and time-consuming to start all over again.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

According to the experts at the Search Engine Journal, it is now a necessity for sites to be mobile-friendly because so many people access the internet on mobile devices. The main factors that will make your website rank higher in Google results for mobiles are technical, user experience and content features.

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All you have to do is chat to some Cheltenham web design experts such as about how you could set up your website so that it performs just as well on mobiles as it does on a PC.

You Have Ignored SEO

Perhaps you have decided that SEO is just too complicated and you can’t be bothered with it. This is a big mistake. A good SEO strategy is essential for all kinds of business.

A comprehensive SEO strategy will lift you up the rankings on the search results pages and get your business seen by potential customers. It can seem like a daunting task, but there are many professional SEO services that you can take advantage of. Alternatively, there are plenty of blog posts and article out there that you can read to have a go yourself.

Fresh regular content on a business blog is always useful, and location names are a good place to start. Don’t forget that you can use SEO for images as well as texts, and web pages with embedded videos seem to rank especially well.