How to add value to your home with a conservatory

Are you stuck in the property trap? Or do you simply want to add usable living space with a wow factor? Whatever your reasons for adding a conservatory to your property, you’ll want to maximise the return on your investment by adding real value to your home whenever you come to sell.

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Enhance your property

A beautifully designed and well executed conservatory that expands your living space can add anywhere up to 5% to the value of your home. Invest in a bespoke design and you can expect to push that figure even higher.

The best conservatories bridge the gap between the inside and the outside seamlessly, but a poorly built conservatory can actually detract from the value of your house. Work with a conservatory company that not only offers the options you need, but that fully guarantees its work. That way if anything goes wrong, you and your buyer are fully covered in the future.

You also need to balance the size of the conservatory footprint with the amount of garden space you’re losing. If a conservatory leaves you short of outdoor space, consider a summerhouse, from a company like, that creates a year round place to relax.

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Invest in your wellbeing

Not only does a conservatory add monetary value, but it can significantly boost your wellbeing. Not only can your body utilise the Vitamin D from the natural sunlight that streams in, you’ll feel less stressed when the pressure is taken off your living space and you have somewhere to relax away from the pressures of the day.

For new conservatories Worcester is well-served with professional installation companies. A conservatory will add value to your lifestyle as well as your bricks and mortar.

Maximise your investment

Before you decide to add a conservatory, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration including the design and positioning of the structure and the best materials for the job.

If your conservatory doesn’t have planning permission or meet building regulations, then potential buyers can be put off buying your property. A poorly executed design using second rate materials simply won’t have the aesthetics and build quality that attracts buyers. Invest in an insulated roof or thermal glazing, underfloor heating and premium security including locks and lights for peace of mind for potential buyers.