Benefits of using pneumatic conveyors

It is not easy to convey powders, granules, and other solids within the factory. This is a critical process in which there are chances of environmental and product contamination at the same time. As a result, the company can face product loss and other losses.

Pneumatic conveying is the best solution to this problem because it uses the power of a vacuum to transfer the material from place to place. It is a closed system due to which the contamination and risk of loss of product is close to zero. Many companies have adopted this system due to these advantages.

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Benefits/advantages of pneumatic conveying:

There are several benefits of pneumatic conveying. Following are some major benefits of this system:


It is a very simple and versatile process due to which it can perform transport function with highest efficiency. It works beyond the common procedure of transferring material. It has allowed different options of dust separation filters and exit points to eject the material.

Easy to install and quicker:

The system can be installed easily and works at a relatively high speed. It can best fit with working machines. For more information on Pneumatic Conveying, visit

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Less spacious:

Flexible pipes are usually used in pneumatic conveying. As a result, it does not require a lot of space for working.

Minimum maintenance required:

It lasts for a long time and less prone to wear and tear. It does not require much maintenance due to few moving parts and the use of non-lubricant and clean air.


The system increases the extent of safety and cleanliness in industries.