The importance of soil testing

There are many reasons as to why testing your soil is important. If you have a farm or garden, then surely you will be wondering if your soil is quite depleted of nutrients. When you add fertilisers on top of this, the soil would simply be unable to absorb all the nutrients at one time. When you do tests on your soil, you will be able to tell if there have been any problems with the nutrient levels in your soil.

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For areas that have been previously used in manufacturing or have experienced chemical or oil spills, soil remediation will be essential to reuse that land. For more information on Remediation Contractors, visit Soilfix

Aside from testing your soil, you will also be able to tell if there are any harmful organisms present in it. These would include fungi, bacteria, and viruses which are known to cause serious damage to your crops if you do not get rid of them in time. If you are thinking that doing this is expensive, then you should know that testing the soil yourself would cost you a lot less than hiring a lab to do the testing for you.

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You might also be surprised to learn that the cost of testing the soil is not very much. If you are still unsure as to whether or not your soil needs fertilising, then why not try it yourself? Besides, fertilising your soil once every couple of years would be more than sufficient.