Menswear Instagram profiles to follow

If you want to lowdown on the latest fashion news, then you should get yourself onto Instagram. There are many influencers to follow who specialise in fashion advice, grooming tips and discussions on what’s hot in the lifestyle industry. Stay in the loop by following some of these examples:


Sabir M.Peele

For the last 11 years, Sabir has been voted best dressed man multiple times so you can rest assured that this guy’s advice is worth following. Whether you’re into linen suits, tweed jackets or everything in between, Sabir has plenty of ‘how to wear’ tips and an in depth knowledge of fabric choices.

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Chris Mehan

Chris has taken Instagram by storm over the last few years, with hundreds of thousands of followers. He is the master of the smart casual look which is a difficult one to pull off successfully. So, if you want the scoop on everyday styling, this is one to definitely follow. For your everyday styling needs, see the Ralph Lauren Menswear at EJ Menswear


Mario Monforte

Just the name oozes style! Mario is a Spanish DJ, total fashion guru and grooming expert who loves the luxury lifestyle and has some wicked suit combos. Whether you need advice on wearing a tux or simply going down your local, this is one classy Spaniard who you should definitely be following.

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Dapper Professional

Who doesn’t want to look dapper right? Dapper Professional is all about looking great on an affordable budget without sacrificing on quality. From everyday wear to special event outfits, this guy from Chicago knows what’s what.