Transform your bedroom and become the fashion of rosewood

The rosewood is more fashionable than ever. It is no longer the color of a couple of decades ago. Now, it’s a sophisticated color that triumphs in hotels, stores, and of course, in homes.

And if you’re thinking about making changes in your bedroom, maybe it’s time to wear it with this color that inspires warmth and tranquility. To achieve this, Bruguer paint firm gives us a few tips to transform our bedroom into a beautiful space full of warmth.

A bedroom to rest

The room has to be that pleasant place where we can enjoy the relaxation. To achieve that serenity that we all look for in our room, you can combine the rosewood color with shades of dark blue, reddish or brown.

In addition, to give greater life to the whole, you can also add wide stripes in blue and green colors of natural inspiration and earthy neutral tones, since warm tones and earth, as well as wood, are a trend that has come to stay. To finish rounding off the result, Bruguer proposes us to include plants and furniture made of natural wood.

A revitalizing bedroom

To give a touch of energy to the bedroom, the solution is to combine the Rosewood with green and yellow tones. If in the bedroom you have a bedroom, or with a window, you can choose to apply some effect on the wall. For example, you can paint a geometric figure at the top.

In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that the vibrant yellow highlights the liveliness of the Rosewood, that using it in the lower part of the wall, allows to give the stay a relaxing atmosphere, without leaving aside the feeling of energy at the same time Brings luminosity to the room.

A cozy bedroom

If you like special and cozy rooms, nothing better than combining rosewood with other soft pink shades. And if you mix this color palette with a mixture of cotton fabrics, better than that to get that sweet room. For the children’s room, you can transform it into a game room by combining roses and purples, a color palette that works perfectly using a light base color, drawing shapes in darker and complementary colors.