Five steps to renovate your home this season, hand in hand with H & M home

Welcome be all the advice when it comes to giving the house a fresh, fresh and updated look. The latest H & M Home editorial “5 step home renovation chic” includes five simple and easy-to-follow tips so that each season you can feel “home-like”.

In fact, despite being in the middle of winter it seems that they want the house to enter spring mode “in the blink of an eye” . We stay with the tips although there is still much of the long and cold winter to enjoy the house in sofa mode, blanket and your favorite series.

1. Add lighter colors

In H & M Home we propose to change the dark fabrics of winter by others more clear and vaporous and that we opt for more luminous tones such as gray and beige, brown or turquoise.

2. Take care of every detail

It is necessary to verify that the new pieces that we acquire in the sales or in the new season combine with each other and with what we already have, before incorporating it into the chosen room.

3. Dare

They propose us to be braver in the decoration by choosing daring graphic patterns that bring an original touch. You can get it with the new linen bed linen from the H & M Home collection with which to renovate the bedroom quickly and easily.

4. Plants in the home

Let the outside make space in your home not only with plants, but also by choosing natural materials such as wood, linen or ceramics.

5. Order the disorder

Eliminate the unnecessary and bet on intelligent storage solutions. A stylish basket can enhance the look of your bathroom.

There are still the tips, even more so now that the sales are approaching and it is the best time to renew certain accessories.