How to Style Loungewear for Every Occasion

The clothes you relax in at home on the sofa aren’t always what you want to wear out and about. However, there are a few ways of dressing up your loungewear so you will always be occasion-appropriate.

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Set Yourself Up

Matching sweatshirts and hoodies with trousers or jogging bottoms is a popular emerging trend. A matched top and bottom conveys thought and planning and is comfy in every situation. Combine your matched set with a favourite t-shirt and some trainers and you’re ready for just about anything. If you need more inspiration for how loungewear has become the ‘go anywhere’ mode of dressing, see this report in The Guardian.

To take this look up a notch to smart-casual, try substituting a quality round neck – or crew – jumper for the hoodie or sweatshirt and pair this with the trousers of your choice. Underneath the jumper you could layer a t-shirt to complete the look.

Quality Basics

During lockdown, we’ve become used to wearing rather relaxed outfits, as most of us were at home all the time. Now we are going out more but don’t necessarily want to return to the way we dressed before. In this case you can dress up your loungewear by investing in great staples to base your outfits around.

Well-made and meticulously cut t-shirts in lovely fabrics will never go out of style and will elevate the general vibe of your loungewear. The same goes for hoodies. A hoodie which is made from the highest-quality fabric and beautifully finished can be both really cosy and luxe at the same time. When it comes to combining style and comfort, you can’t go wrong with mens Superdry hoodies. To see the latest styles in mens Superdry hoodies it would be worth looking at a supplier such as EJ Menswear, which generally stocks a large selection.

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It looks like loungewear is here to stay, and that’s good news for those who believe dressing well can also mean feeling snug and at ease. Just because the garments are casual, it does not mean sacrificing quality, and designers are catering for this trend with plenty of easygoing but exceptional items.