When To Call an Emergency Plumber

Unfortunately, emergencies happen, and they don’t always occur during typical working hours. This can be scary, but it is important in some situations to not wait. You may be wondering who you should call, and whether you need an emergency plumber. Read on to find out when you should call an emergency plumber. Do you need an emergency plumber in Gloucester? Look up Emergency Plumber Gloucester to find one near you.

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The first reason to call an emergency plumber is if there is flooding. This can be one of the signs of a burst pipe and it can be a serious hazard as well as damage the flooring and furniture nearby. It is important to get it sorted before it gets worse or life-threatening.

The next reason you can call an emergency plumber is if your toilet is seriously blocked as this can be a health hazard. You can first try using a plunger to see if you can unblock it yourself, but if that isn’t enough, and especially if you only have one toilet, call an emergency plumber.

Likewise, if your toilet is overflowing you will definitely need immediate help as this could cause flooding which can damage the property, as well as pose a serious risk to your health.

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If no water is coming out of the taps when you turn them on, you’ll need to call an emergency plumber as it may be a burst pipe causing it. Before you call, check with your neighbours that they are not having the same problem, because if they are, you should contact your water service instead.

There are several other reasons to call an emergency plumber such as dirty water coming out of the taps, or if your taps won’t turn off. Hopefully after reading this, you are clearer about the help you need and whether your problem is an emergency.