Boosting the Morale in the Office After the Pandemic

Now most of us are coming out of our homes and heading back to the office is a big adjustment for many people. Lots of people are looking forward to getting back to a more social place of work and away from the kitchen table with the laptop, whereas others are still hesitant and fearful of social settings.

Something which should be considered is making sure that you boost the morale of the team at this difficult time. Here are a few ideas to get started…

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Make sure that employees can feel comfortable having their feelings and concerns listened to. Going back to the office and to normal life in general is harder for some people than for others so make it clear that each person’s thoughts and feelings are respected. You could have HR do one to one meetings regularly with employees to check in on how they are feeling.

The last eighteen months has been a terrible time for most people, so raise spirits and boost morale – things like these Team Gifts from always go down well, as do things like team building days if you want to get everyone closer together again.

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Get everyone to meet and discuss any new ideas regularly – make sure that all employees get to have a say and help come up with new things, as this is invaluable in creating a team atmosphere, and you also may find that smarter ways of working or better methods come out of it.