Should you look to the future for domain names?

E-commerce is becoming ever-more popular, with the coronavirus pandemic only serving to cause this trend to skyrocket. Thinking long-term when choosing a name for your domain could help you to future-proof your business.

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Buying an internet domain does not have to be a confusing process. Companies such as will guide you through each registration step, enabling you to register your domain name quickly and inexpensively.

Register a name that will stand the test of time

The name of a site’s domain is a website’s permanent address. Much like the address of a property in the real world, it cannot be changed easily; therefore, it is important to think long-term when choosing your domain’s name. An abbreviated spelling that looks cool and modern now might end up looking extremely dated in a decade’s time, so try to choose a timeless name that will still sound good in ten years.

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Match your domain and business names

It is sensible to make sure that the name of your domain matches your business name. It is also advisable to plan for what might happen to your domain if your business name changes in future. While it is possible to have a website URL that doesn’t match your business name, this makes it harder for users to find you and is likely to result in fewer hits and lower profits.

Find a unique URL

Having a unique website URL will make your site easier for customers to find. If a domain has already been registered by another business, you won’t be able to use it, as names must be unique.

Failure to register your domain or using a name that is similar to one already in existence are both things that put you at risk from cybersquatters and copyright infringement issues. It is advisable to check independent resources for more information on common web domain registration mistakes and other issues.

Remember that unique doesn’t mean weird! Choosing odd combinations of long words may give you a unique site address, but domain addresses of this kind are difficult for users to remember. This in turn may impact the number of hits your site attracts and the amount of business it generates.

Finding and registering a unique yet timeless name for your domain is a sure-fire way to futureproof your business.