Mail as a tool for customer service

When we talk about customer service, we focus on social networks, since they are more direct and help create or enhance a brand image.

However, when ordering e-commerce, ** the deal ‘not seen’ such as communication via email is also valued by the customer. ****** Is not the same receiving an impersonal answer that hold a conversation.

Mail as a tool for customer serviceThis type of relationship is not coincidental. When the buyer receives an email where in addition to inform you that your order is underway read the names of people who have been part of the process:

  • Compound (product ratio) next to a name: Veronica
  • Quality control by Carlos
  • Packaging by Lucia

The feeling is not the same as reading a text where the logo stand out. The usual information should appear but not as the protagonist in this format.

The interest lies in: the machine is running, I know the steps, I know which one is my package and receive accurate and consistent information.

Once the product is in the hands of the customer, there is still time to make the shopping experience is full and satisfying. And if we add a little detail? From a bag of jelly beans, some stickers, samples of other items.

Then will come the time of receiving the praise and the thanks, one more reason to continue the conversation, this time by the social network chosen by the customer.

In short, we must seize the buying process to reaffirm the good relationship with the buyer.