A $28 billion market by 2024 – the future of the cosmetic dentistry industry

More and more people are choosing to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds to achieve that all-important perfect smile, with the worldwide cosmetic dentistry industry predicted to become a $28 billion market in less than a decade.

A $28 billion market by 2024 - the future of the cosmetic dentistry industry

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Basic treatments such as tooth whitening and straightening through the use of braces and retainers have been refined in recent years, and what was once available to just the worst cases is now more common.

The perfect ‘Hollywood’ smiles on our TV and cinema screens are encouraging us to aspire to a better dental look. As many of us now have more disposable income, more and more of us are choosing to spend our money on improving our teeth.

Growing industry

A recent report by Grand View Research Inc. suggests that the general public is now more aware of what can be done to improve the appearance of teeth, and that many of us are opting for one or more of the minimally invasive techniques available.

Europe looks set to lead the way, due to an increasing number of clients and technological advances, while the Asia Pacific region is forecast to grow significantly, thanks to its large population and an increase in disposable income.

Perfect smile

Despite the fact that insurance companies and the NHS do not see aesthetic dentistry as essential, the practice is seen as more socially acceptable than in the past.

Dental tourism has added to the increase, as has an ageing population – as people age, their teeth naturally become more problematic, and more and more elderly men and women are choosing to pay to improve their smiles.

In an article last year, The Daily Mail reported that at least part of the boom in the industry can be attributed to adults becoming more conscious of their personal appearance and worrying that poor teeth could have a negative impact on their personal life as well as their career.

Cardiff cosmetic dentistry specialists, http://cathedraldentalclinic.com/ also report significantly increased levels of interest in cosmetic procedures, and feel that this is reflective of a general trend right across the UK, with the industry set to reach new highs year on year, for quite some time to come.

As the industry growth is proving, a perfect smile is no longer just for the Hollywood stars.