Being Greener as a Company – Saving Money and the Planet

Becoming more environmentally friendly is not only essential in order to fight the climate crisis, but for businesses it can be hugely beneficial to the company too. Recently, more and more of us have been getting into better habits and being more conscious about our environmental impact, and this includes choosing products and services that are better for the environment.

It is now easier than ever to be greener, with so many innovative new ways of doing things helping us to reduce our carbon footprint, so if you own a business think of the ways that you can help the environment. Here are a few ideas that you could find useful…

Recycling – As well as the fact that landfill is a huge environmental concern, recycling will also save your business money and boost your green credentials. Many materials like packaging can be recycled by places like this polystyrene recycling facility so it is worth looking into the products that you use as a company and working out how they can be reused. Even things like electrical equipment can be recycled, so consider all of your current waste and think about ways that you can reduce what you are sending to landfill.

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Energy Efficiency – Heating and lighting are costing more and more, as well as being bad for the planet. Think of ways that you can reduce the electricity that you use and help to save money. Using energy saving light bulbs and turning off all computers and equipment at night is one thing you can do, but you can also look into alternative ways to power the business such as solar panels and air source heat pumps.

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Transport – Whether you own a fleet of vehicles and are really feeling the effects of the fuel increases, or you want to help people get to work in a more environmentally friendly way, there are lots of things that you can consider. Swapping vehicles for electric cars is something that many companies are now embracing, as this saves money on fuel. Setting up car sharing schemes for employees is also a great way to reduce the amount of traffic on the road and save money for employees.