Living in a sewer is natural for these guys

If you were a turtle, where would you live? A better way to put it might be if you were a turtle that could walk and talk, where would you live? To put it a third way, where would you live if you were a turtle that could walk, talk, and had been trained in the art of Ninjitsu? For Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello, the only answer was the sewer. It might have been due to their master, the large rat Splinter who trains them. How did this situation occur?

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It would have come as something of a surprise to the team at if they’d stuck one of there CCTV Drainage Surveys down this particular drainage system. The sight of four turtles practising the art of chucking, throwing Stars around, and flicking nunchucks about might explain why the drain is not working as well as it could. They also consume a tremendous amount of pizza. Pepperoni for preference, it seems.

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The turtles gain their skills by being trained by their sensei Splinter. He is driven by revenge. He wants the young turtles to start a gang war with the Foot gang. They are led by the evil Shredder. This face mask-wearing villain kills Splinter’s owner. This is a scientist who is working on a formula to give people superpowers. In other words, he’s invented a dangerous radioactive ooze that the turtles fall into, and Splinter gets some of it on him too.

As the story unfolds, the turtles meet more allies and enemies. April O’Neal is the most helpful. She is a news reporter who helps to portray the turtle’s work in a positive light to the world. She is also romantically involved with Michelangelo for a time. No one is really sure how this would work.

They are able to curtail the criminal activities of Shredder and the Foot but can’t quite seem to capture him and avenge Splinter’s master’s demise. Their situation worsens when Shredder gets BeBop and Rocksteady, a mutant Rhino and Warthog, to join his army. Luckily for the four friends, they are so thick they are next to useless.

They do have serious problems when Krang turns up. He is an alien warlord who fancies invading the Earth and taking it over for reasons unknown. Krang has an army of his own.