Why ventilation and guttering are so important

If you want to find out more about looking after your roof, then you should know that ventilation is a key factor in the longevity of your roof. Vents are placed in the eaves or soffits of a roof and again near the ridge. Warm air is expelled through the top and cool air is drawn in through the bottom. In most cases, this is a natural effect that requires no fans.

Vents should never be installed into the middle part of a roof, as this will interrupt the natural circulation of air that takes place. Vents should always be distributed evenly along the roof to guarantee an even airflow to all sections of the roof. A good rule of thumb is that half the vents should be placed near the ridge and the other half near the soffits.

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Different attic vents include:

  1. Soffit Vents can be used as either inlet or outlet vents and work best when used with a ridge or roof vent as well.
  2. Gable end Vents are placed at the peak of a gable area at either end of the house.
  3. Ridge Vents are found along the entire length of the ridge of the rook allowing hot air to escape as it rises in the loft space.
  4. Roof vents are found at the top of the roof.

The reason ventilation is so important is that is condensation is allowed to build up, you could get problems such as rotten wood, mould, rusting of metal and mildew. Any one of these issues could damage the integrity of your roof and cause health problems for those living in the property.

Other important roof parts include the gutters and downspouts which are responsible for removing water from the roof to a location on the ground away from the property’s foundations. The most common material for guttering systems is upvc nowadays. For Soffit And Fascia Boards TRACKING, visit a reputable supplier.

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Gutters do an important job so need to be maintained by:

  1. Regularly cleaning out any debris like leaves. If this becomes a regular problem, then leaf guards can be added to the gutter.
  2. Cleaning out the downspouts and checking for leakage.
  3. Maintaining gutter supports

Good insulation is also necessary for the optimal functioning of your roof. Insulation helps to both heat and cool the home. The perfect temperature of a loft space should be as close to the outside temperature as possible to avoid any build-up of condensation. The first place the insulation should be applied is between the ceiling joists. This provides great insulation for the living space below whilst maintaining an airy environment for the loft space. It’s also vital never to cover over any vents with insulating material.