Scrum Day London to be held on 11 May 2018

If you thought that scrums were something to do with rugby, you have not been paying attention to the latest trends in the world of Agile development.

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Although the name is inspired by rugby – in the sense of a team working together – Scrum is a process framework; in other words, it is a set of best practices for Agile that is both lightweight and widely used. As a result, it is something used by many organisations and developers. To enable people to share their experiences, Scrum Day is being held in London on 11 May 2018.

What is Scrum Day?

Scrum Day is a community-based event that brings together people who want to share their skills to help others make the most of the technology; as such, it offers a great networking opportunity for those who are already involved or who want to become more involved in the Agile development process.

The event will bring together keynote speakers from a number of different sectors and host workshops from some leading Agile practitioners. It will also seek to allow the attendees to drive the agenda through Q&A sessions to enable everyone to get the most from the opportunity.

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Scrum masters

A Scrum master is the term used to describe the person who acts as the development team’s facilitator, managing the process of information exchange between other team members and helping them to reach a consensus. There are, of course, companies offering scrum master training in Dublin, such as, but attendance at Scrum Day will also be a great way for Scrum masters and potential Scrum masters to develop their skills.

Topics will include things such as leadership and handling the transformation of the organisation; in addition, it will cover scaling and how Scrum can be adapted to different sizes of organisation and projects.

Product development sessions will help Scrum masters to deal with projects that span different sectors and help them to assemble teams with the right skills to cope with the complex demands created. The day will also look at DevOps and provide an opportunity for developers and management to swap ideas, experience and knowledge on how Agile processes can be used to successfully apply ideas that will help to transform their businesses.