What to know about Hollywood’s ‘Time’s Up’ campaign

Women in Hollywood have launched a campaign called Time’s Up aimed at ending the culture of sexual harassment that has dominated the film industry. Over 300 women have created the movement, which is also aimed at helping women in other industries fight against sexual harassment, unequal pay and discrimination.

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#MeToo movement

The large group of women, which includes directors, producers and actors, was formed as the next step after the #MeToo movement in a response to the Harvey Weinstein case that exposed the ritual victimization, discrimination and sexual abuse of women in the Hollywood film industry and beyond. #MeToo has given a voice to women and men across the world who are survivors of sexual harassment.

The aims of the movement include combatting sexual misconduct and ensuring survivors have their voices heard and that abusers are held to account. It also aims to ensure that all sections of society are represented equally, such as women of colour, homosexual people and trans-people.

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A global call for change

The Time’s Up campaign is a movement created by women in the entertainment industry on behalf of women everywhere. The fact that these Hollywood stars are famous helps to give a platform to their message and to the many millions of voices calling for change.

Sexual harassment is a global problem and many people have stood in solidarity with the Hollywood movement, including 700,000 farm workers who penned an open letter in support of #MeToo and Time’s Up.

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Support and justice

The #MeToo movement has revealed the truly staggering scale of sexual assault and abuse. Across the world, many people have come forward to confirm that they too are survivors of abuse.

It is hoped that the Time’s Up campaign will help to keep the issue in the public eye and make it easier for abuse victims to come forward for support and to achieve justice against their attackers. Hopefully, Time’s Up will mean that time really is up for sexual abusers in every industry.