Five tips for a fabulous kitchen

The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the modern home. So the decoration in the kitchen can be an important expression of who we are. There are many ways to make a great kitchen, so read on for 5 tips on creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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The accessories you put in your kitchen can lift even the smallest spaces. Choose china and collectibles you love, so you will always enjoy using them and looking at them. Think about the technical accessories you want in your kitchen, such as a coffee maker. Also consider adding plants and flowers to brighten the room and bring in some more colour.


A slightly tired table can be brought back to life with a fantastic tablecloth. A great cloth makes a good first impression and makes the room look finished. A meal always looks nicer served on plates sitting on a tablecloth. You could buy a few tablecloths in different designs and patterns to ring the changes of the seasons.

Herb garden

You could plant a herb garden on the kitchen windowsill to give fresh herbs all year round. Instead of dried herbs, fresh herbs really add a bold zing of flavour to any dish. Planting them in the kitchen window area will make them readily accessible while cooking. It is easy to grow your own herbs and they will always look good and smell great year round. Also, many studies have shown how herbs can improve your health, so having your own herb garden is also good news for your physical wellbeing.

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Think about the lighting you enjoy, whether that be chandeliers, spotlights or decorative light fittings. The ambience can really be changed by strategic lighting, especially carefully placed lights that draw attention to the important areas, such as around the cooking area and at the table. Luxury chandeliers, such as those available from, can add a touch of class and elegance to any kitchen.

Use old wine bottles

Before throwing away your old wine bottles, think about how you could use them to jazz up your kitchen. You can use coloured water to make an attractive display as ornaments or use them to display flowers for a country casual vibe. Having a fun ornament or display in the kitchen can lift your spirits.