What To Do With A New Twitter Account

4 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Account
So you just signed up for Twitter for free and now you don’t know what to do? You’re not alone as many people find themselves in this same predicament. Not everyone has their content strategy all planned out before signing up for that account. Maybe you’re just curious what it’s all about. Or maybe a friend convinced you to join. Whatever the reason you signed up for Twitter, you’re probably wondering what your next move should be.

Well, first everyone seems to think they should get a bunch of followers. But don’t rush into it yet. If you really want to make the most of your new Twitter account, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your profile is all set up and filled out. No one wants to follow an “egg”. how are you suppose to look credible and influence people to follow you if you are too lazy to even upload a profile and if you don’t even update your profile? Customizing the colors of your Twitter account to make your logo or brand is also a great practice that will make you look more professional on Twitter.


2. Next, send an introductory tweet. Before you start following people who could potentially follow back, you want to have shared a couple of things first. Be bold and original. Add humour in your tweets. The most shared social media content usually is humoristic or is about cute animals! For example, if you can make a video of your company product with some cute animals in it and tweet about it, it will most likely attract retweets.

3. Look for people on Twitter that you would like to follow. Remember their posts are going to show in your feed so follow ones you have a true interest in. Don’t follow just for the sake of following. Follow to get inspired boy others and be part of a community.

4. Take some time to learn about hashtags and how they are used on Twitter. Do some Hashtag searches for the tags related to your interests. See what other people are talking about. It’s a very easy and fast way to find tweets related to your interests.

5. Learn about trending topics. See the daily trending topics. Take some time to follow these topics and see what people are saying. This gives you a feel for the community and soon you’ll start to make real friends on Twitter without having to buy Twitter followers which are fake.

Once you’re comfortable in the community, you can start attracting followers. Share your Twitter handle around your other communities, participate in Twitter chats or events and find other ways of building your following on the micro-blogging site. Many people that are new to Twitter are buying Twitter followers from Canada, USA, or any other country like Australia to pretend that they are already established and somehow famous. This is a controversial strategy that a lot of people feel is wrong. If you do it, remember it’s only going to increase your numbers, not your engagement. Again, these followers are not real and don’t make any sort of an impact on your Twitter feed.

Looking for some more ideas to gain more followers on Twitter? Let your followers know you are looking for more followers and they’ll pass the word along. You also need to have your Twitter handle on each of your social media sites as well as in your signature in emails.