9 Simple and Easy Tips To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Every day number of websites are created and loaded on search engines. You can easily create any website at low cost. But, with the creation of a website, getting traffic to it is important as well as difficult task. It is important because the increase in traffic will result in more sales of your product, resulting in making big money with website traffic.

Here are 9 tips to increase traffic on your website.

1) Submit All your Pages to Search Engines

Rather than waiting for search engines to find your website, it is better to submit your page to the search engines. By doing this, your pages will be indexed and they will start ranking on search engines based on your targeted keywords and content of the website. This will let search engines to crawl to your website whenever an appropriate search will be made by the users. But it does not guarantee that your website will appear on the first or second page of search engine at once. You need to be patient.

2) Good Heading

The head is probably the most important part to increase website traffic because the first thing that visitors notice is the headline of your website. If they will not find your headline convincing or relevant to their search, then they are not going to click on your website. Also, the heading should be such that it should provoke users and increase desperation to click on your website. Use your keyword one time in the headline.

For example: 5 steps to make your skin look beautiful

is more convincing than

what to do to make your skin look beautiful?

3) Rich and Unique Content

Rich and unique content is the heart of any website. The content should be such that it should keep visitors engaged with your website. Unique, resourceful and informative content will help you get or buy guaranteed traffic to your website. Don’t let your visitors get bored with long and uninteresting content.

4) Exchange Links with Others

While reviewing your website, search engines also check inbound links that are coming to your website. They consider your website to be reputed and increase page rank if they find greater number of inbound links. You can participate in free link exchange programs where a network of bloggers and website owners exchange their link. Creating internal links by addressing different page of your own website also helps in increasing traffic to your old posts.

5) Generating Back Links

Back linking means offering services or information to other websites and in return they let you post your link on their web pages. You can write guest posts for other websites and provide short information and a link to your website.

6) Start Affiliate Program

By starting an affiliate program, your products and services will be more visible in the market. You have to pay your affiliates a little in order to make big money by getting website traffic

7) Use Social Media Widgets

Design your website such that at the end of each page, you provide them social widgets like share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media website. In this way your article will be circulated and will increase traffic.

8) Update your Website Regularly

People do not like information, which is old and outdated. Reach out to them with the latest and fresh information. If your website has static informative content like about Traveling, then try to present them in different and more engaging way. Presentation of your website matters a lot. If you are updating regularly, then you are bound to get guaranteed website traffic.

9) Keep Contests and Give Freebies

Who does not like to earn rewards or get freebies? Keep contests which will keep visitors active on your website and hence, will increase your website traffic.