What causes your drains to be blocked?

The drainage systems that we have in place in the United Kingdom are much more sophisticated than you might first think. However, there are a number of things that can cause your drains to overflow, or cause an issue with your sinks, showers and toilets from draining away effectively, meaning you need to contact a Blocked Drains Bristol company such as https://www.amsdrains.co.uk/

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Here are some of the most common drain blocking issues that occur.

Hair – This is one of the most common causes of drainage issues. Whenever you wash your hair or take a long hot soak in the bath hair will be lost down the drain. This wraps itself around and around and can form a solid ball of hair that then clogs the drain completely. Hair can be particularly troublesome to remove from drains as it is often slippy and coated in shampoo and conditioner or other toiletries that bind together with the hair.

Fat – This accumulates in a kitchen sink over time and this is particularly true if you commit the ultimate in drain sins and pour excess fat down the sink. It joins together and will form a plug in your pipework that  then prevents water from passing through. If you have excess fat left over from cooking you should pour this into an empty can let it set before through it away. If you are environmentally aware you could combine this fat with oats and seeds in a yogurt pot, let set and leave out for the birds to enjoy.

Toiletries – Everyday toiletries such as soaps, shower gels and shampoo and designed to dissolve in water and pass through your pipes with relative ease, unless they come across a hairball. However, other toiletries such as face and make up wipes and baby nappies should never be disposed of down the toilet. They sit in the water and clog up the drainage both in your home and in the wider area, as they absorb moisture and become enlarged the longer they are in the water.

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Storms – Heavy rain, like that we have experienced in recent weeks can cause your drains to overflow and in some cases this combines with leaves and other debris that will then combine together to form a blockage in your sewer and drainage systems.

Damaged pipes – Drainage pipes can become damaged from broken pipework which then causes a block in the system as pieces break away and cause issues.